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:iconcnwhitney-designs: (6/8) Kaname x Rido : Vampire Knight Fanart by CNWhitney-Designs Alice Pencil Work by CNWhitney-Designs Spirit of the Wind by CNWhitney-Designs Whos that Pokemon? by CNWhitney-Designs
:iconanutdraws: (f) Chorlax by AnutDraws Zonec The Devhog 3: Generations by AnutDraws Sickelodeon by AnutDraws
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i n f o r m a t i o n + f a q

Welcome to AllArtWorld!

An awesome place for awesome artists everywhere.

Join AllArtWorld today! We're here to help get your art noticed, and it couldn't be any easier.

And that's why we requested YOUR art.
If you've been requested, then please join us.

Simply click the "Join group" button at the top of the page, in that big blue box there!

Why YOU should join an awesome group like AAW:

:bulletyellow: We're going places, and we want to take you there. Since we were founded, we've always been one of the FASTEST GROWING groups on dA.

:bulletgreen: We give away FREE POINTS! If you'd like to earn free points, simply head to Kiwikku, who gives out points at random, or for watching people in their donate box!

:bulletblue: We advertise your commissions for you, all for FREE:…

:bulletyellow: We're super! As a super group, we can hold more contests and giveaways!

And that's all you have to do! The group is set to auto-accept members!
Plus, ALL ART is accepted!
 In here, there's a folder for almost EVERYTHING.

Now there's an easy way to turn off deviations from the group. There's no need to unjoin!
All you have to do is click the green "watching" button in the top right corner, and uncheck "deviations".
See? Easy.


Please take a moment to look at these journals before submitting.

These are just a few simple rules that will help keep the group clean of drama, and make it a better place for your art. Failure to follow them is grounds for removal and banning.

Rules + FAQ



We're saving up to stay a super group
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The points will be used to help feature more artists, improve the group and hold contests. 
This is shared with our ArtTeam group alliance members, so we can offer you bigger prizes.

Art Team approved…




For your benefit and ours, do not submit any art to this group's quality controlled folders that breaks these guidelines.
It takes time for us to decline, and just adds to the backlog.
We usually can't even provide a reason for declination, but it's usually a matter of art quality.
So, here are the basics:
And of course, we still have the beginners art showcase for art that doesn't meet these.
NOTE: Only the "Best Of" folders are judged. All art gets into the June 2013 folder.
:bulletred: Don't send in any poorly done WIPs sketches or badly scanned pictures. We want the finished product! Send in your WIPs to other groups!
:bulletred: Digital art has to have shading, or at least be artistically flat, with nice patterns and form.
This means no muro or ms paint stuff, unless it is WELL done.
:bulletorange: We want AWESOME photography. No self-shots and no plain  face shots either. It must be artistic, and has to be interesting to
Group Update #69 : Your Feedback.Feedback regarding the new Submission Guidelines was mixed to negative.
In this Q+A interview, our group Founder will try to clear up some misconceptions and fears about the new submissions rules and folder system.
Q: Why was this new system implemented?
A: Because someone trashed the group, erased all the folders and made me have to redo everything.
Q: So, what is this new system, and why did you change it?
A: Our group was in crisis mode. We were dealing with too many submissions a day, and none were monitored. Most times, people would just unwatch the group and lose access to important updates about social events.
Something had to be done. This hack actually was a blessing in disguise.
It allowed the admins and I to design a new folder system that we thought would provide the best of both worlds: A place for expert premium artists to showcase their work amongst their peers AND a place where beginner artists could submit and be inspired.
Q: That's nice, but exactly WHAT is the system
Group Update #H1N1: Updated FAQ and Clarification.:icondeirdre-diuran: said: :iconsaysplz:"Could we get the Rules and FAQ updated with the recent submission details and changes, and a clearer rule on frequency of submissions (how many per folder per day/week/month per person)?
Much appreciated :)"
:iconslambox: :saysplz: Well, I think that's a good idea. While my previous post gave a general overview of what to expect; , it wasn't really CLEAR about what limits exactly are in place.
This post is.
Most folders marked "Best of" have  limits of 2 submissions a day- 2 deviations a week, which are quality checked. So CHOOSE WISELY, even if BOTH are declined, your limit is still up until next week.
The June 2013 folder allows you to choose 3 deviations a day and submit them.
The Beginner art folder has 2 a day to cut down on spam, and the art dump has 5 a day.
This group has standards. While we welcome all artists, certain things ju

Contests, Rewards and Members Feature

CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCES!First off, I would like to say, thank you all SO MUCH for participating in :iconevrything-4-evryone:'s first ever contest! It was super hard to choose!! >w Love Lotto FAQ &lt;3:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star::star: :star: [Star!] [Star!]
Welcome to the love lotto, friends :D
Sometimes we meet an artist who is simply amazing- their art is great, they are nice, but they are just shy, or not so active in the community.
We all have had the feeling- "you should be so much popular!"
Well this love lotto should help with that. The rules are pretty simple.
All you have to do is suggest an artist who you feel needs a lot more attention (not yourself or a stock account) , who is either outstanding in art or personality.
You must suggest them by sending a note to the group, explaining why they should win.
Then, i will randomly every few months pick three of these artists and
[Bullet; Orange] Write a group blog about them, and share two of my favorite pieces of art they made, and why i like them.
[Bullet; Orange] Add their art to the featured folder, forever,
[Bullet; Orange] Give them a llama, and if i can, points.
[Bullet; Green] I will also reveal
Let's kick it off with a group icon contest.We want something that emphasizes that Art is universal. That Art can be felt around the world. Something that will leave a lasting impact on the viewer.
So preferably, something animated with Earth or space, or other planets/galaxies, preferably without any text.
Use real photos of the planets please, not cartoon versions.
Winner will receive Watches, a journal feature, llamas and points.
Along with a Journal feature in our much larger sister group, :iconevrything-4-evryone:
How does that sound?
Also: To enter, you must write another journal about this contest on your page, or in  another group's journal (if allowed), and when you're done, post a link on this. :)
2nd and 3rd place each will receive a llama and honorable mention, maybe points too! :)
YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO JOIN. Submit entries here:
There's no better way to start off the summer than with a few extra points!
Here at E4E, we want to help our members and give back to the community as best we can.
(Check out our artist Feature: )
This is just the first of many contests to come!

Visit us at our new point account!
Don't worry though, no need to re-enter. Those who entered here will automatically be entered into the new one.
If you do, you will be considered a cheater and disqualified.
Get Easy Free Points! Right here, Right now.From Me!
While you guys are waiting for the big summer points giveaway to start, don't forget that you can STILL get free points all the time from your favorite points account!
And now, getting yourself noticed is a breeze!
ATP will feature you for as low as 5 points!
Nobody works harder than we do to inspire and reward creativity.
So- why not drop in today and get yourself some free points?
There's PLENTY to go around!
:new: Write a journal about me, and you could win BONUS free points! Just comment on my profile when you're done. :D
Have fun! And celebrate the summer with your favorite points account
Joke Week Winners!Get ready to laugh your head off!
.. or not.
Here are our Joke Week Contest Winners!
Remember to vote for your favorite joke in the comments by listing it's joke ID #
AND thank these awesome people who gave us this hot comedy material!
Joke Set # 1
:iconludicrazy: :iconsaysplz: I'll never forget the time my dad caught me smoking. He really chewed out the guy that set me on fire!
Q: What do you get when you cross a centipede and a parrot?
A: A Walkie Talkie
You look as nervous as a turkey in November.
Customer: Hey! This hotdog you sold me is all cornmeal on one side.
Butcher: Well, in times like these, it's hard to make both ends meat.
Newspaper headline: Typhoon rips through cemetery. Hundreds dead.
If Moses had known anyone like you, there'd be an extra Commandment.
Middle age is when a narrow waist and a broad mind change places.
Bob: Hey doc, you gotta help! I'm losin my mind. I can't remember a thing!
Doctor: When did you first realize you had this problem?
Bob: What problem?
My F
Weekly Artist feature and Group Update ^^We always are striving to help get your art noticed here at the ArtTeam .
So, every week or two we pick out 10 amazing deviations from throughout our gallery
to share with you.
Congrats if you made it!!
And to all those who didn't, better luck next time ^^
Group Update
We have some new folders in the family!
Everything Anthro
For all your anthro needs, submit here:
Everything Stock, Tutorials and Resources


Our dA Art Team Partners.

And don't forget to visit (and hopefully join)
Our ArtTeam Group alliance members!

(The more groups you submit to, the more your art'll be seen!)
And the A-Team knows this, which is why we make it super-easy. We function as one group, with the same rules so there's no more guessing games or waiting.

The A-Team only has one mission:
Get your art the noticed quicker and faster than anybody else can.
So no more confusion, stress or heartache.
Let us do the advertising for you.

Be a part of the Artisan Alliance TM


Wanna be part of the A-Team?
Then note us, and link your group rules to our codex. It's that simple. Then we'll add you to the list of approved A-team groups, which should drive up traffic.

There's a difference between being a member of the ArtTeam and being a regular affiliate. ^^

Top Donators Feature :)

Here are the top supporters of the group:

Project Starshine Vol 1

Sun Mar 22, 2015, 4:19 AM

Project Starshine is a project to highlight the lost gems and pieces of treasures , lost in this vast ocean of deviations. Picked out by their talent , these artists should have got more:


WATCHERSAdded to my devWatch! 

which they couldn't get initially, but now theyll get their wished rewards with the passage of time! Presenting to you , the chosen artists of this month! I am a dummy! Featuring Traditional Art:


:bulletblue: rakhcy
:bulletblue: FlamingCitrus
:bulletblue: NaismithArt
:bulletblue: bzych09
:bulletblue: Abracoda
:bulletblue: Shishkina
:bulletblue: Rybarsicle
:bulletblue: Rommeu
:bulletblue: NestorCanavarro
:bulletblue: SuperImki
:bulletblue: waarheid
:bulletblue: lynplicity


                   THEIR ARTWORK :

Spongebob Squarepants (LINK TO VIDEO BELOW) by FlamingCitrus
Why so serious? by rakhcy

Bono by Shishkina

Jaime Lannister, Game Of Thrones (VIDEO BELOW) by FlamingCitrus

Ronnie Radke by Rybarsicle

Loch Lomond Sunset by NaismithArt

Hiccup, How To Train Your Dragon 2 (VIDEO BELOW) by FlamingCitrus

Color cat by Abracoda

Bird Bird by Abracoda

Morten Harket by Shishkina

Grandparents by Rommeu

Uig Sky by NaismithArt
Look at me by rakhcy

Eilean Donan Castle by Rommeu

House MD - Hugh Laurie in color pencils by NestorCanavarro

Bryan Cranston - Walter White from Breaking Bad by NestorCanavarro

Steampunk guy by SuperImki

Matthew/Matt/Matty Healy by SuperImki

The Flash BW by SuperImki

Robin Williams - WIP by NestorCanavarro

EyeStudy by bzych09

Elijah Wood and colored pencils by Shishkina

Andy Biersack II by Rybarsicle

Forth Mist by NaismithArt

Bird's Eye View by lynplicity
Circles 03 by bzych09

Still life with flowers by lynplicity

Homage to Picasso by waarheid
HexagonStack 03 by bzych09

Tyrion Lannister from game of thrones (charcoal) by waarheid

Horse's muscles study. by waarheid

Andy Black by Rybarsicle

Created at
In today's world of socializing advancements in technology and communication, we just have to press a button to communicate with our relatives, acquaintances and other people....But if one day you find yourself thriving in a world, where no one except you can understand your thoughts, your problems and even you feelings and you're struggling to talk and communicate with others, what will you do in such situation? Homo sapiens or Humans have developed their own ways to understand each other's language and thought by either symbols, signs or the the sound.But if you're deprived to making symbols, show signs or even speak anything, how would you communicate your thought? Mammals like us and other mammals like whales and dolphins emit cries to communicate with other whales. At this point we introduce you with the '52-hertz Whale'.

                                       The whale, itself an mistake of either nature or its own genus, is found wailing his song of love while migrating every year from Aleutian Islands to a breeding spot in the Pacific Oceans parallel to Central California.He searches for a mate every year but due to its differentiation from either Blue whale or Fin whale, and an extreme high-pitched frequency of 52 hertz, defying the average frequency of 15-20 hertz of common blue and fin whales, he returns back to the islands and continues his life like an unheard hell in his solitude of pain, agony and dread....without a single ray of hope to change his life.
                                      Am I over-stressing a bit on this topic? Why do we need to pay attention to this lonely creature?Can i know more about the lonely whale?We need support for him , who is unaware of his fame gained in the human world, on the INTERNET and in between other people living on Earth...

                               What's more to him? He has been so famous on the community and on the World Wide Web, that singers and illustrators have started being empathetic towards him , bringing up albums, books and articles on him! Feel yourself that how would you feel when you're disconnected from one of your own kind and from the whole Earth! Try imagining you in place of him , searching for someone like him, in the lost seas of the world, crying and wailing your ultimate song of love to your people in VAIN.If everyone round the globe in  a period of his lifetime, experiences such kind of unimaginable condition of his' or hers , then they would surely know the pain to be alone from your own genus, your own kind and your own PLANET.Also, he has been featured in the story of his life , a documentary by Documentary producer Adrian Grenier and Film Director Josh Zeman to bring up - THE KICSTARTER - a financed documentary on the LONELIEST WHALE ON EARTH ,which is in pre-production until Today when they got their funds and a great THANX  to Leonardo DiCaprio for providing them with a great $50,000 for the campaign! We hope this campaign goes successful and they understand the plea of 52

SUPPORT US AND JOIN adriangrenier , Josh Zeman and other renowed scientists of the world, in their quest to find the 52-hertz Whale and fight ocean noise pollution understand the lament of the loneliest whale on Earth!
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Recent Journal Entries


Just a friendly reminder:


Wanna advertise the RIGHT WAY? Read this, then we can talk.

:iconinnoctemn: (2/19) Clouds by innoctemn Dandelion by innoctemn The Bridge Between by innoctemn


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